Mount Adams


At 12,276ft, Mount Adams is the second highest peak in the Cascades. The western side of the mountain is located within the Gifford Pinchot National Forest while the eastern side lies within the Yakima Indian Reservation. The mountain has a lot to offer considering its size (relative to Rainier) and the restrictions in place on the reservation. A climbing fee of $15 has recently been adopted although I've yet to see its effects.

Mount Adams is one of several active volcanoes within the Cascades. Its altitude provides an intermediate between Mount Hood and Mount Rainier. If this doesn't make you sick, the smell of sulfur most likely will. Wind is often welcome on its upper slopes as it helps to get rid of the nauseous smell.

The South Spur provides a relatively easy climb to its summit and offers good skiing during the spring and early summer. However, the spur is often overcome by vicious suncups and the crowds are reminiscent of REI. The north side is much more appealing.


 Adams Glacier

 Lava Headwall

 Lyman Glacier (North Portion)

 North Face of the Northwest Ridge

 Stormy Monday

 West Face of the North Ridge



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